Investment and Trading

  • One-to-One Guidance
  • Public and Private Workshops
  • Accessible Webinars

The cryptocurrency sector has a market capitalisation of over $100billion and growing exponentially. There are now over 800 different currencies, all with their own structures, objectives and niches. Investors specialise in managing funds, let us be your specialist advisors on cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology. We offer one-to-one advice, public events and private workshops. We will equip you will all the skills you need to buy, trade and profit from the volatility of cryptocurrencies. We provide overviews of different platforms and applications for you to manage your assets. We provide guidance on legal changes and tax obligations. Let us help you become exposed to a revolutionary technology that will fundamentally change the way society is structured.

Payments and Transfers

  • Personal Payments
  • Business Solutions
  • International Transfers

There are now 10,000s of businesses that accept cryptocurrency as a method of payment. These range from well known technology ones like Microsoft, Dell and Reddit, through to more obscure ones such as Subway sandwiches. It is a fast growing currency and organisations are using it to show that they are innovative and in touch with the sophisticated online consumer. Cryptocurrency can also be used to send value to between two points anywhere on the planet. We offer services to individuals to safely store cryptocurrency and make purchases online. We help businesses integrate the right cryptocurrency solutions for them to enable them to receive payments in any cryptocurrency. We can help you send cryptocurrency to any country on Earth to significantly reduce your transaction cost and time. Why not integrate cryptocurrency into your systems today and join the future.

Currency Project Consultancy

  • Individuals and Entrepreneurs
  • Businesses and Organisations
  • Communities and Non Profit

Alternative currencies come in thousands of different shapes and sizes. They enable groups of individuals and organisations to trade and cooperate to meet collective goals. They rangeĀ  from small communities trading paper tokens to the global cryptocurrencies that facilitate billions of dollars of value transfer. Alternative currencies are efficient and effective ways of storing information about everything from transactions to ownership titles. We provide operational and technical advice to individuals, communities and organisations to develop their own currency projects. We have a background in developing alternative currencies and understand the shape and direction of the current sector. You will benefit from expert advice and knowledge which will help your project be a success.

Mining and Infrastructure

  • Enthusiast Mining Systems
  • Business Solutions
  • Mining Pools

Cryptocurrency is supported by a network of computers that validate transactions and enable payments to take place. This process is termed mining and requires specific hardware running software to ensure it meets the needs of the cryptocurrency networks. Any individual or organisation can mine cryptocurrency, however some are easier to mine than others. We offer individuals and businesses the hardware and software solutions to mine cryptocurrency and participate in supporting the future of payments. We believe anyone should be able to participate in cryptocurrency mining, so we offer solutions tailored to any project; small or large. We also offer advice on mining pools and cloud mining, to allow you to participate within a larger mining project.

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